Writer and community advocate based in the SF Bay Area.

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My story.

I write and tell stories that empower individuals from various walks of life.

My belief in the power of stories traces back to my Filipino roots and upbringing in East Asia, where I first lived the immigrant experience and learned about the importance of inclusion and diversity.

That belief led me to my journey as an immigrant in the United States, where I received my BA and worked as community organizer, consulate staff member, and journalist. I recently received my MA in Social Innovation at the University of San Diego's Kroc School of Peace Studies, where I wrote literature reviews on climate change and migration, created data visualizations, and analyzed policy initiatives by governments in the U.S. 

With skills in writing, research, and communications, I am currently looking for opportunities in government and nonprofit organizations to work on public policy and economic development. I am also a freelance writer telling stories about the politics of change in communities across California. 


My background.

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Advocating for inclusion and economic opportunity for underrepresented communities through writing.

Community Relations

Media advocacy to promote civic engagement and minority representation.


Peace fellow conducting research on urban violence and international affairs. 


What I care about.

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Civic Engagement

Inspiring youth and community members to engage in local and political affairs.

Public Policy

Creating policy in public safety, immigration, education, and economic development to strengthen communities.


Utilizing business and technology to provide work and access to education for underprivileged communities.


Let's connect!

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