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American Communities Project

How a Sleepy Navy Town Became a Democratic Metropolis

May, 2021


San Diego Union-Tribune

Opinion: I’m a child of immigrants. It’s often hard for us to speak up about hate crimes against us.

March, 2021

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San Diego Union-Tribune

Chaos at the Capitol: San Diegans on where we all go from here

January 2021


Times of San Diego

Op-Ed: This Global Pandemic Has Also Created a Worldwide Human Rights Crisis

December, 2020

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Independent Voter Network

Op-Ed: What Todd Gloria's Election Means to Me as a Filipino Youth

November, 2020

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Times of San Diego

Op-Ed: In This Election, The America I Love Will Vote to Restore its Soul

October, 2020


Media Presence


The Chronicle of Higher Education

International Students Can’t Vote. But the Stakes Are Personal.

October, 2020

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Times of San Diego

San Diego’s Filipino American Community Says Its Voice Will Finally Be Heard

October, 2020


Independent Voter Network

2020 Election & Civic Engagement in the Filipino-American Community

October, 2020